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1. What percentage of international students worldwide choose to study in Europe?

a) 30 per cent
b) 45 per cent
c) 55 per cent
d) 17 per cent

2. What does the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) involve?

a) A common framework of three cycles of higher-education qualifications
b) Visa-free travel for international students from outside the EU/EEC within the EHEA
c) A programme to increase the quality of higher education in EU accession candidate countries
d) None of these

3. Which of the following do you not need when applying for a student visa in the EU?

a) Valid passport or national ID card
b) Birth certificate
c) Police certificate attesting that you have a clean criminal record
d) Proof of adequate funds to support yourself financially during the planned period of study

4. Is it true that public (state-run) German universities do not charge tuition fees to students from outside the EU/EEC?

a) Mostly true, but universities in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg do charge tuition fees
b) Yes
c) No, they all charge tuition fees
d) That depends upon students’ grades and academic performance

5. How much do public (state-run) French universities charge international students in tuition fees for Master’s degree programmes?

a) Nothing
b) 243 Euros a year
c) 3,770 Euros a year
d) 10,000 Euros a year or more

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