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1. Which of the following is not a part of a suitable e-Learning workspace?

a) Adjustable desk, ideally a computer desk
b) TV set
c) Adjustable office chair
d) Indirect lighting

2. How often should you take short screen breaks?

a) Every 25-30 minutes
b) Every hour on the hour
c) Every 10 minutes
d) Never

3. When using videoconferencing tools, which of the following behaviours should you avoid?

a) Keeping your webcam switched on
b) Keeping your microphone unmuted when not speaking
c) Testing your equipment before joining or hosting a call
d) Using the chat function to ask questions

4. The Pomodoro Technique is …

a) An Italian database query format
b) A salad recipe
c) A method for cooking pasta
d) A time-management approach that involves dividing your learning time into segments of 25-45 minutes with short breaks in between

5. Multitasking …

a) Aids information recall
b) Speeds up the learning process
c) Is less efficient than focusing on a single task at a time
d) Makes you more productive

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