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1. Which are in your opinion the best strategies for parents to promote constructive communication?

a) Avoid force, coercion and pressure
b) Setting up for their children a workspace with best technology Encourage children to observe and accept situations that are out of their control as well as their feelings
c) Offer better internet connection from home for their children
d) Do not consult with other parents for parenting advice

2. How to help children sharpen their skills into high school and beyond?

a) Disencourage student-teacher communication during classes
b) Offer more breaks
c) Engage students to perform teamwork
d) Avoid discussing about emotional intelligence and how it can be applied on daily basis

3. Encourage active studying by asking questions before, during and after study time

a) Give not a lot of assignments
b) Set the expectations at the beginning of every course
c) Identify the technology requirements which are needed
d) All of these

4. How can students train their visual skills?

a) By copying problem solutions from course slides and understanding them
b) By using picture cards when learning new concepts
c) Encourage students to find mistakes in a written material
d) All of these

5. What can parents do to improve visual perception skills?

a) Encourage the child’s table to remain clear of clutter and distractions
b) Solve puzzles along with your child
c) Help the child to develop a positive sense of well being
d) All of these

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