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1. How do you create a serene atmosphere at home when studying remotely?

a) Listening to music while learning
b) Creating a quiet environment
c) Playing games in parallel with learning in order to relax
d) Calling your mates in case you do not understand something

2. How are you able to complete the weekly number of hours to study a subject?

a) Respect a time management to fulfil all the tasks of a course and to revise
b) Treat some tasks as being optional
c) Focus on what is essential
d) None of these

3. How could you manage your time when taking online courses?

a) Facebook posts
b) Podcasts
c) Making a timetable with deadlines and by monitoring the study progress
d) Surfing e-content on digital platforms

4. When do you have one-on-one conversations with your teachers?

a) After trying to solve a task several time, but I still cannot find the solution
b) Every time I get blocked when searching for a solution
c) I avoid one-on-one conversations
d) When I did not pay attention to the lesson

5. What has been the hardest part about completing your coursework?

a) Writing
b) Development
c) Understanding
d) Solving

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