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1. Which of the following is 4 W?

a) When? Where? What? Who?
b) Why? Where? What? Who?
c) Who? Which? Whom? Why?
d) When? Who? Which? Who?

2. Which of the following is the part that gives information about the subject, the importance of the study is introduced, and the content of the study sections?

a) Cover page of the assignment
b) Abstract
c) Table of Contents
d) Introduction

3. Which of the following is required to use Google Drive?

a) Having an Apple device
b) Having a Gmail account
c) Having a Microsoft account
d) Anyone can use it

4. Why is Operator "*" used when searching on Google?

a) To filter the date of the searched topic
b) To extract results containing unwanted words or phrases from search results
c) For some words to be filled in by Google
d) To only search exactly as written

5. Which of the following is a primary source?

a) Textbooks
b) Statistical data, research reports
c) Dictionaries and encyclopaedias
d) Criticism of literature

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