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1. It is important to remember that the application processes for exchange periods are arranged…

a) …usually a year before the actual exchange
b) …five years before the actual exchange
c) …a month or so before departure date
d) …a week or so before the departure date

2. Which one is the best provider of student exchange programs

a) Erasmus+
b) The education institutions
c) Foreign ministry of the country of departure
d) It depends on the students budget, and preferences, which provider offers the best exchange experience

3. For whom should the student have contact details?

a) To his/her parents
b) To the exchange provider
c) To homelands consulate or embassy in the country of exchange
d) To all of these

4. What should be done to all important documents relating to the travel to exchange?

a) They should be kept in a safe storage
b) They should be copied in case some disappear
c) They should be left home do avoid disappearing
d) Nothing, there should be as little written documents when traveling

5. What is NOT necessarily a useful source to seek information of the country you are traveling to?

a) The exchange provider
b) Websites of foreign ministries and embassies
c) TV
d) Healthcare authorities

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