1. Introduction
2. Getting Ready for Online Learning as a Parent
2.1. Developing Yourself to Support Children
2.2. Knowing the Differences and Similarities Between Online And Face-To-Face Education
2.3. Finding Course Provider Websites for Parent Webinars and Resources
2.4. Learning Basic Tips on How to Deal With Technologies Needed for Online e-Learning
2.5. Following Measurement and Evaluation Techniques and Be Aware of
2.6. Searching Supportive Services Child’s Needs for Effective Online Learning
2.7. Developing Basic Troubleshooting Skills
2.8. Developing Communication Skills
2.9. Following the Parents on Social Media
2.10. Be Able to Communicate With Instructors Online and Share Problems With Learning Materials Using Email, Text Message and/or Phone
2.11. Guiding The Child's Communication Needs
3. Organizing Student Learning at Home
3.1. Setting up a Dedicated Workspace
3.2. Preparing the Environment for the Child to Get Rid of Distractions
3.3. Preparing the Digital Infrastructure
3.4. Setting up a Workspace With the Necessary Technology and be Preparing to Resolve Any Technical Issues That May Arise
3.5. Investigating Internet Speed and Internet Cost and Providing Internet Connection From Home
3.6. Examining the Necessary Ict Tools and Materials

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