1. Efficient Use of Virtual Learning Environments - Technological Challenges - Assessment Practices
1.1 Ways and methods to obtain an automatic test result in online exams, taking attendance, keeping track of assignments and exams
1.2 Digital e-assessment tools are available to assess/evaluate students according to curricula demands, assessments, tests
1.3 The ways and methods are there to obtain an automatic test result in online exams
1.4 Robotics, image processing, programming
1.5 Systems are used to pass on information
1.5.1 Using video-sharing program - Ed Puzzle to produce content
2. Conduct Effective/Efficient Online Lessons - Hybrid Training Idea/Principles And 360vr Video Applications
2.1 Hybrid Training
2.2 360VR Videos Development and Utilizations
2.2.1 How to bring your workshops/laboratories into virtual classrooms
3. Pedagogical Challenges
3.1 To assess students’ perception level/performances efficiently/effectively in online e-learning
3.2 To engage students to meld into the mainstream group/online
3.3 To ensure that students take regular screen breaks
3.4 To keep students motivated and active during online e-learning
3.5 To measure/monitor the students' concentration/paying attention level
3.6 To monitor students’ psychological and emotional welfare
3.7 To motivate students on e-learning environment
3.8 Ways of receiving efficient/effective feedback from students
3.9 Gadgets available to support online course e-learning experience for students
3.10 Using various e-training methods
4. Integrating Foreign Students
4.1 To identify students' religion without aggrieve them
4.2 To incorporate foreign students with existing students
4.3 To integrate foreign students into their new society
4.4 To evaluate students' language knowledge level and refer them to relevant departments
5. Useful Tips and Tricks
5.1 Online tools to use depending on the subject
5.2 Coping with internet connection problems

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