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Erasmus+ program e-Prep project aims to support the e-preparation of the whole e-learners for the new era, which was thought to all of us with this unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic experience. e-Prep also recognizes the fact that, all Europeans are lifelong learners, and teachers keep learning while they also teach.

The prpject idea addresses the clarification of terminologies, which we all have been using before/during COVID-19 restructuring our learning/teaching ways, and give their proper definitions, including but not limited to Online Learning or e-Learning, Distance, Remote, Blended, Flipped and Hybrid Learning

e-Prep is structured to guide you to reach to the information you seek via user-friendly navigation channels. Please go through the ► Users' Manual ◄ for familiarizing yourself with the e-Prep structure, before proceeding.

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Audio cut off for no reason

I am having an issues where in my projects, the slide audio will be cut off for the users (in both...


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How did you find us?